Chauffeur as a Parent

When you are sitting in the back of a coach watching your chauffeur expertly navigate the busy and congested city streets, you may not realise that your chauffeur may actually also be a parent. Part of the charm of a chauffeur is the fact that they do not engage their passengers in frustrating small talk and so you donít hear about the other passengers they have picked up that day, what the political situation is in the Middle East and how well their child scored on their last English paper.

However, if it is your parent who is the chauffeur, when they are at home you are bound to know they are a chauffeur and are very good at their job. If you have a chauffeur for a parent, you are probably always dropped at school and picked up from soccer on time and with plenty of time to get home for tea.

If your parent is a chauffeur you may even get to meet their famous or important passengers, or at the very least, ride in the same coach as their famous passengers. With a chauffeur as a parent, you will be riding in the back of some of the most luxurious cars on the road, with some of the coolest accessories too. You will be able to enjoy the coach bar, the full sound system in the back and the new, sleek TV screen during your coach ride.

With a parent who is a chauffeur, you probably also have all of your friends asking for rides so they can experience the famous, stylish and fully equipped coaches too.

However, if your parent is a chauffeur, they are probably very particular about how you behave when they are driving and they may not like you eating because they have to clean up the crumbs and they will also make sure you keep your feet off the leather seats of their coach too.

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